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About Kothmann Builders

This is our family business, it’s not just work for us. We know that choosing your builder isn’t a light decision. When you choose Kothmann Builders, you’re choosing us, our experience, our relationships, our family, the way we do business. We want you to feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

We, Wylen and Haley, have been married for fourteen years and are both graduates of Texas A&M University. We have two awesome kiddos and love to spend our time as a family skiing, hiking, biking, and enjoying Utah's great outdoors.  Wylen has been building since 2005 and has built beautiful custom homes and commercial properties, renovated great spaces, and added-on to some amazing properties in both the residential and commercial fields. Before settling in the Wasatch Back, Wylen was traveling across North America directing detailed large scale construction projects, valued up to $175 million. He knows what he's doing, he loves building and it shows.  Haley decided to go for it and start this business and is proud that Kothmann Builders is a Woman Owned Business.  She is passionate about people and relationships. She makes sure that each person is taken care of and comfortable throughout the building process, and keeps things on track. Her favorite part of the process is working with clients and subcontractors.

Our satisfaction at the end of a project comes when you as our client are beyond happy with your build and you feel that the way we guided you through the process made you comfortable and confident in all aspects. We want you to feel so good about your project that we would be your first call should you decide to build again. 

Kothmann is a family name. It is synonymous with good, honest, hard working people. It's a tribute to Wylen’s Mom and the family business Wylen’s great grandfather started long ago. Wylen’s parent’s joined his grandparents and aunt and uncle in running their feedlot, mill, and store when Wylen was young. He spent his younger years working with his family, learning firsthand about good, honest, hard work, it was important to us to honor that.  The Kothmann name also played a big part in the way Wylen and Haley met, you’ll have to ask us about that story sometime.

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Residential & Commercial Design Build

We build in both Residential and Commercial categories. They require two very different approaches in process and procedure, and we have vast amounts of experience in both. Our foundation as a company is strong because we work with good people. We are fortunate to have great relationships with our subcontractors, which is paramount to ensure a successful project.

We love the Design Build process.  We bring together the Project Team of Owner, Contractor, Architect, Engineers, and Designers to conceptualize the Owner's project desires.  This model ensures that everyone stays on the same page and allows a good flow of work.


We work with you to build or renovate the home or special property of your dreams. Two major focal points for us are the physical construction of your project, and the way we treat people. We want our clients to know that we care and that we give it our all. We build with integrity. We treat people with respect. Our experience and positivity aims to make your building experience a great one. The character of a person affects how they do their job and what kind of product they deliver. We want you to be confident that when you choose Kothmann Builders, you're choosing good, hard working people that care about each facet of your project.

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Where Do We Begin?

A phone call.  A meeting.

That first contact tells you a lot of what you need to know.  Building together is a big deal and quite honestly you want to know that who you are doing business with is a good person.  We put a lot of time and effort into our projects and each client means a lot to us.

It's important to say that we too want to work with good people. We spend a lot of time communicating about the ins and outs.  We aren't interested in building with people who find themselves outside of the "good people" category.  We're talking solid, good hearted, well-meaning people.  If you don't think you can commit to being a good person to work with, we're not interested.

Thank You.


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